Knutsford Community First Responder Trust AGM

On Monday 19th May the KCFRT had their Annual General Meeting, below is a copy of the Chairman’s report that gives an overview of the activities in the last 12 months:

This has been another very successful year for the Trust.
The Trust currently has 29 members, a small reduction on last year.

We have had another successful year fundraising, thanks in no small part to our fundraising lead Stuart Willis and his wife Hayley. We continue to receive donations at a level sufficient to support all our activities. Our finances, as reported by the Treasurer, remain strong.

Sylvia Thomas has continued to provide an excellent service to the group as Coordinator and also as trainer and for that I offer sincere thanks to her. Our future in relation to First Responding appears bright with the arrival of the new airwave pager and we will continue to actively seek new recruits. The number of calls we receive and the number of calls we are first on scene has been significantly down on previous years however it appears that the airwave pager has already made a significant improvement and we can look forward to reporting much better news at the next AGM! We have a small but dedicated team of active First Responders and I would like to say thanks to them on behalf of the trust for their valued work and I hope that they will find their roles more rewarding in the coming year.
2 of our members passed the NWAS eCFR course this year; Jane Gibbons and Stuart Willis, and they have started responding at the new level. An additional benefit of the new airwave pager means that we are now automatically notified of the codes relating to eCFRs which should also contribute to an increase in calls.

HeartStart has seen a shift change since December with the handover of coordinator role from Phil and Linda Sherman to Adrian Rees. May I first offer thanks to Phil and Linda for their excellent organisational skills and dedication to the trust and not just with HeartStart, but with various activities including fundraising. May I welcome Adrian, who since joining the team has quickly become a very active member and has led the development of a new
HeartStart website and associated marketing, leading to the demand for HeartStart growing to a level where we now need to increase the frequency of sessions to monthly. Adrian has also been key in a recruitment drive to increase our volunteers for fundraising and HeartStart. May I offer a warm welcome to these new volunteers. They are joining a generous and dedicated team, who without we would be nothing. Thank you! The outcome of the new developments in the HeartStart initiative mean that we can foresee a bright, exciting and very busy future for HeartStart.

The installations of defibrillators has been static this year as potential sites are less forthcoming, however we  continue to investigate several potential new sites. None of our defibrillators have been used in the last year, but of course we continue our work in keeping them serviced with new batteries and pads.

I would like to thank the Executive Committee and members for their support during this year, long may it continue!
Last but not least I would like to congratulate the team on the incredible achievement of a Gold CardiacSmart award. It is my honour to have been Chairman during the year that the hard work of all the members over the entire lifetime of the group, is recognised by this award. We all have every reason to be proud of the collective achievement.

And that concludes the Chairman’s report for 2014.

Lisa Johnson

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