Defibrillator Initiative


We run a Defibrillator Initiative to provide and manage the up keep of Community Public Accessible Defibrillators (CPADs) and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in and around the Knutsford area.

CPADs are available 24/7 and mounted in large coloured cabinets externally of buildings, some of these are locked, requiring the user to dial into the ambulance service to access the door code

AEDs are located in large, unlocked, cabinets within buildings or premises that are open at certain times

When a patient collapses in cardiac arrest, it is essential that defibrillation is applied within minutes. If it is, then there is a much higher probability of that life being saved. The Defibrillators are fully automatic and are designed to be used by anyone trained in CPR. The use of a Defibrillator is included as part of the HeartStart training course. Trained members of the public have already used several of our Defibrillators in emergency situations around the town.

There are over 30 AEDs already in place in and around Knutsford; some managed by us (indicated in red on the map below) some managed by others (indicated in green on the map below)

CPADs, available 24/7, are identified by the white Heart within a circle on the map below

AEDs, located in buildings, are identified by a white Cross within a circle on map below

All the Defibrillators we manage around Knutsford appear on the CROWDSAV App which you can get for Android or SMART phones. This is a handy App to have on your phone and will give you the nearest location of any Defibrillator, registered to the App, anywhere in the world


Location of Defibrillators in July 2017: