Hmm! Cake and coffee!

KCFRT attended another fantastic “Cake and coffee” morning at Bexton Primary school today in memory of Mat Hodge. We are aiming to raise £7,500 so that all Knutsford Hockey Club members can attend a heart screening.

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£3,488 raised for us by the outgoing Mayor!

Last night our Chairman Sal and Fundraising Lead Heather were at the Knutsford Mayor Making event and were presented with a huge cheque from the outgoing Mayor of Knutsford Peter Coan and his consort. He has raised a massive £3,488 for the Knutsford Community First Responder Trust over the year by hosting dining in nights, quiz nights and his charity ball. A big thank you to Peter Coan and Knutsford Town Council. Also we wish the new Mayor of Knutsford Councilor Andrew Malloy all the best in his new appointment as Mayor and hope he has a successful year.

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Success of our Recycling project

By Terry Griffiths.

The story so far…

The first bag of general recycling made just over £30.

The second bag has just gone off to Recycling for Good Causes.  It will take a month or so to hear what it has made, but I’m expecting something in the region of £30 again.

I sometimes get items that are too good for general recycling and I try to sell them on individually.  The best example is the coins I received in February – you may have read about them in the Knutsford Guardian here.  Well, they have now made a little over £1500.

I have also sold several other items through specialist dealers.  These include jewellery, phones and cameras that have made in excess of £350.

So, total to date is around £1880.

I’m still collecting, so please keep searching for unwanted items… and tell all your friends and family!!

I’ve also set up a separate address for correspondence on recycling.  It is recycle@knutsfordfirstresponders.org.uk and is on the leaflets I have produced. See below.

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Jamie receives her Heartstart Award

Jamie Morrison presented with her BHF Heartstart Instructor Certificate by Adrian Rees

Having left her native South Africa in 2016, to make a new life in the UK with her husband Howard and young daughter Isobel, Jamie joined our KCFRT Heatstart Team in 2017.

As a fully qualified Paramedic in South Africa, Jamie was a fantastic addition to our team of volunteers; having all the necessary skills to help us support the Knutsford Community in “Saving Lives”.

Jamie is also a very experienced professional Photographer and has now set up her own Photographic Company.  Since arriving in the UK, she has given birth to a beautiful baby boy – Mark.

Jamie initially became a Heartstart Facilitator, but soon progessed to a fully quailified Heartstart Instructor, joining our other small team of Heartstart Instructors.  Jamie gave her first Heartstart Course last month to 31 attendees!

Welcome on-board Jamie!

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Your story matters!

Have you attended one of our HeartStart courses and gone on to save someone’s life? Or did one of our First Responders attend to you or one of your relatives during a response to a 999 call? Have you ever had to use one of our publicly accessible defibrators? Please get in touch and share your story! The Knutsford Community First Responder Trust (KCFRT) are appealing for anyone who has used their services to come forward for a short interview for a promotional video. If you’d prefer not to be involved in the video itself, please get in touch anyway, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us here.

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Great work Terry!

Our dedicated volunteer Terry has had a great success with her fundraising scheme and has bene featured in the Knutsford Guardian this week. Well done Terry!


Terry Griffiths
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Ashworth Park “Crowd funding” for AED – Update

An update on our fundraising efforts to place a defibrillator in the Ashworth Park area of Knutsford – we are now at a total of £790 £985!!! Thanks to all who have contributed! We still have a further £1015 to go!

See the original post here.

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Ashworth Park “Crowd funding” for AED

The Knutsford Community First Responder Trust are running a crowd funding scheme to raise £2000 to place a publically accessible defibrillator in the Ashworth Park area of Knutsford. In total 220 Leaflets will be distributed around Ashworth Park area and thus far the total amount of money that has come in via cheques or online donations total £630!
Great start, thank you everyone!

To donate click on the donate button below!

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Annual KCFRT Volunteer Awards

For a few years now at the KCFRT Christmas do awards have been awarded to several of our volunteers to demonsatrate how much their hard work is appreciated. The Knutsford Guardian has published an article about this years event. Click here to read it.

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Carol singing in Booths…round two!

Our volunteers spent the day yesterday in Booths in Knutsford sharing Christmas cheer with carol singing. During the morning Star choir delighted shoppers and in the afternoon, Knutsford Beats. Both choirs are Knutsford based and run by Di Healey. Thank you so much to them for sparing their time and voices to raise money for KCFRT!

The last choir of the day was an eclectic mix of hoarse folks from KCFRT and Knutsford Methodist church, we might not have been asa professional as the choirs, but we certainly had the Christmas cheer!

We collected an increible £1134.34. Special thanks to our Chairman Sal and husband Pete who were ‘on duty’ the whole day.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, look out for our next fundraiser on Burns Night (Fri 25th Jan) – Whisky and Haggis Tasting at Booths – Tickets now available! £15. To book call 07704 288779 or ask in store.

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