KCFRT Launches New External AED Initiative.

Phase 1 of the Trust’s Initiative to install externally mounted and accessible AED’s in outlying Knutsford Communities was completed this summer with SIX AED’s installed in the following locations:

  • Plumley
  • Peover Superior
  • Lower Peover
  • Great Warford
  • Rostherne
  • Wincham

We have now launched Phase 2 of our Initiative: To install Externally Mounted & Accessible 24/7 AED’s  within various Knutsford town neighbourhoods.

In November 2017, the first project – installing an AED/Cabinet accessible 24/7 outside Yorston Lodge School – started.

Financing the ~£2,000 required is being achieved by “crowdfunding”

Approximately 250 letters from the Trust have been sent out to residents around Yorston Lodge School as follows:


“Dear Knutsford Resident

Knutsford Community First Responder Trust is a local charity, manned by volunteers. One of the Trust’s founding visions is to ensure that the residents of Knutsford have quick access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to reduce the risk of premature death due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Currently there are numerous AED’s within the town, some of which we manage. Of these none are available to you 24/7, they are only accessible when the buildings they are located in are open for business. We would like to address this.


For every minute that a person in cardiac arrest goes without being successfully treated with an AED, the chance of survival decreases by 23%.  

Your nearest 24/7 accessible AED is located at Knutsford Fire Station.

We would like to install 24/7 AEDs in Knutsford where you live, so that you can reach it by car, or on foot, within 2 minutes.

Will you help us to do this?

Please read the attached information which will detail what we’d like to do to achieve this in your neighbourhood, for you, your loved ones and your community.

Thank you, Sal Thompson

Chairman KCFRT, November 2017″

As of the the 10th December a total of £663.00 donations have been received. – Many thanks to all who have participated so far!

The total received will be regularly updated in our News & Events Page.

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KCFRT Welcomes it’s latest First Responder!

Liz Edwards joined our qualified Community First Responder Team last week, having successfully completed all her NWAS Training.

I presented her with her new “uniform” at the end of last week’s Heartstart Course (where Liz also volunteers as a Training Facilitator)

Congratulations. Welcome to our CFR Team Liz!!


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Knutsford Scottish Dancing Society attend our Hearstart Course

KCFRT hold free “public” Heartstart courses each month (to book a place, see “Courses” Page on the web-site).

Exceptionally, if suffient of our team of Heartstart volunteers are available, we also hold “bespoke” Heartstart courses to local societies, clubs etc.

We received such a request from Knutsford’s Scottish Dancing Society and we provided our Heartstart course to 22 of their members last Wednesday evening.

Tom Donald Instructed – and came in his McDonald Tarten Kilt to fit the occasion (see below)!

Thanks to Tom plus Siew-Mei, Dan, Steve, Carol, Liz & Toni for their help on the night.

Margaret Hoyton, The Knutsford Scottish Dancing Society organiser, E-Mailed me a “thank you” message the following day:

“Dear Adrian,
Thanks once again for arranging our Bespoke training session. I have had lots of positive feedback. Not only did everyone learn  but they also, somewhat to their surprise, enjoyed themselves.
Please pass on our thanks to your team.



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Knutsford Lady wins First Responder Raffle Draw

Dr Michael Oliver – Knutsford First Responders new Patron – made the draw for the winning raffle ticket for the beautiful Emma Williams original Painting on Friday.

The world renowned Knutsford Artist Emma, a member of KCFRT, had donated her beautiful original Painting entitled “Peonies & Cherries Knutsford View” to help raise funds for Knutsford First Responders many life-saving services in our community.

The winner was a Knutsford resident, Sian Hoolah, who was presented with the Painting by Emma herself


Adrian Rees, Knutsford First Responder Trustee said “Thanks again for all the hard work put in by our Trust members in selling the raffle tickets, with a grand total of £847.40 raised towards our many services and, again, to Emma Williams for her most generous donation of her fabulous painting Painting to KCFRT.

Raffle tickets were sold throughout the world (Emma’s many admirers and customers taking part), but it was fitting that a Knutsford resident won the fantastic prize as the majority of the Raffle Tickets were bought by local residents who directly benefit from the Trusts many life-saving services”

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Sal’s KCFRT “Happenings” Autumn 2017


Hi all

Just to keep you in the loop about what’s been happening and what’s coming up in the Trust over the next couple of months
16th September 2017 saw a number of Trust members manning the stall at Booth’s supermarket,
having great conversations with Knutsford residents raising our profile and encouraging people to attend Heartstart courses.
Thanks to Siew-Mei, Adrian, Amanda (& her enthusiastic daughter) Sal, Steve, Kevin, Terry, & Sylvia
23rd Sept 2017 saw our second C.R.Y event of 2017 take place at Knutsford Methodist Church.) Where one hundred young people had their hearts checked
Thanks to our volunteers for manning the day and ensuring all went smoothly and to Debbie Dubois for co-funding the event
AED provided and placed in Fire Station External cabinet, the first 24/7 CPAD within Knutsford town
5th Oct 2017 Heartstart Course presented to 16 people
Many thanks to Adrian, Sylvia, Dan, Liz, Siew-mei, Emily, Stuart, Chris D, Chris G, Steve and Carol
14th Oct 2017 saw Sal & Pauline attend a 50th celebration gig by “Sight N’Sound”, 50% of the proceeds from the event were generously donated to KCFRT
(this is the band that will be playing at our celebrations in January.)
28th Oct 2017 we held a Breeze & Wilson concert at Toft CC, thanks to the “Events” team for a fun filled musical night, approx £550 raised via ticket sales, raffle etc
2nd Nov 2017 Heartstart Course presented to 26 people
Many thanks to our Instructors Carol & Dan and our Facilitators Pauline, Emily, Liz, Jenny, Steve, Chris, Siew-Mei, Robbie and Emily 
Our new KCFRT Logo arrived, we have started to use them and hope to have them out and about soon
 Many thanks to Bella Designs of Knutsford for the creation of this fantastic new Logo!
3rd Nov 2017 saw 5 beautiful ladies (Sylvia, Siew-Mei, Sal, Pauline & Amanda) heading off to the Heartsafe Awards at the Hilton Manchester.
We were finalists in the Emergency Services category but were beaten by very worthy winners from NWAS, we did however manage to come home with 2 rather large Monkeys, courteousy of Pauline! (Please don’t ask)


5th Nov 2017 saw several Trust members braving the cold weather to “man” a stall on the sunday Market in Knutsford, raising awareness and selling raffle tickets for the Emma Williams painting. 

Our thanks to those brave souls, Adrian, Terry, Bex, Sal, Liz, Tony, Geoff & Emma.
Total raised in Raffle tickets thus far is £817.00
What’s coming up?
15th November 2017 Extra Heartstart course for the Scottish Country Music club at KMC
17th November 2017 Emma William’s Painting Raffle Draw to be held at 11am at Oliver Valves, our Patron drawing the winning ticket
29th November 2017 Executive meeting (please note this is a change of date from the original scheduled for 6th Dec)
7th December 2017 Last Heartstart of the year
14th & 15th December 2017 Dressed “UP” Carol singing around Knutsford drinking establishments.
Come and join Santa, his Reindeer and a Turkey brightening up the festive season and rattling the KCFRT buckets.
If you’re interested in joining us let Sal Thompson know.
4th January 2018 The first Heartstart course of 2018
12th January 2018 Our “Christmas” dinner celebrations and Trust Awards evening at Knutsford Golf Club, with live music from “Sight n’Sound”, details to be circulated
What else is happening?
  • In November we are planning to launch an initiative to raise funds from a “Residents crowd funding appeal” in order to place a Community Public accessible Defibrillator (CPAD) at Yorston Lodge School. If this is succesful we are planning on duplicating the process throughout Knutsford so that everyone is within a 2 minute distance of an AED 24 hours a day. Watch out we will be coming to your area soon.
  • Also in November our Patron, Michael Oliver, is sending an appeal letter out to all the companies based on the Parkgate Industrial Estate. We will be following this up with a phone call and/or a visit, offering our Services, encouraging training and AED provision along with raising funds.
I’m sure there will be somethings that I have forgotten to mention, apologises.
Please keep on doing what you do for the Trust, there is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes, THANK YOU to you all
Sal Thompson – KCFRT Chairman
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KCFRT Shortlisted for 3 National Awards!

I am delighted to announce that KCFRT has been short-listed for UK Heart Safe National Awards for 2016!

Our First Responder Team was short-listed in 2015, but regrettably did not win.

This year however, we have gone two better!!

We have been short- listed in 3 Categories:

Emergency Services of the Year

The Community Responder Scheme of the Year, and

Life Saver of the Year.

This last category is to recognise individuals who have made a unique contribution throughout the year in saving lives.  Our own Sylvia Thomas is a finalist!

Well done again KCFRT – this time lets hope we will win (in both categories)!!!!


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Audience Feedback to November’s Heartstart Course

Heartstart Course Nov 15 9

Heartstart Course Nov 15 8

Dr Tom Donald, the Heartstart Instructor for the November 2015 Course, demonstrating how to respond to an unconscious casualty and performing CPR on a resuscitation dummy.

At the end of last week’s Heartstart Course, Tom handed out a Questionnaire to all the attendees. He asked them to fill it in “anonymously” and hand them in before leaving.

Their feedback is as follows:

Question:  How did you rate this session for:

  • Usefulness
  • Content/Relevance
  • Teaching
  • Overall

Marks 1 -10, 1 poor, 10 excellent

Results: All 15 attendees who completed the Questionnaire gave 10 for all 4 categories


Question Do you now feel more confident on the subjects taught tonight?

Yes, No, Unsure

Results: All 15 attendee’s answered: Yes


QuestionWhat were the Good Points?


  • “Very good presentation skills; good communication; very knowledgeable”
  • “Videos; Instructor; practical sessions; group trainer”
  • “Very practical; gave me confidence to have a go; great reminder”
  • “Videos; presentation; hands-on practice; group trainer – excellent; Q&A session”
  • “Excellent course; very relaxed delivery style and very knowledgeable; Tom obviously knows his stuff!”
  • “Really interesting and informative; clear and easy to understand”
  • “All of it!”
  • “The format of video then demonstrations; professional with a personal touch!”
  • “Very informative; great to have a medical professional instructing”
  • “Videos; practicing on the dummies; clear and very easy to understand instructions”
  • “All of it!; videos were useful; demonstrations were useful and good to practice downstairs; really clearly explained; lovely Instructor who also answered all my questions!”
  • “Simple, concise information; well delivered; very approachable Instructor”
  • “Succinct and good content; videos very good”
  • “Very well taught; clear information; fun learning experience”
  • “Format was excellent – video, then demo, then practice; all volunteers were very approachable and friendly; made you feel at ease”



Question: What could the Instructor improve on in the future?


  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Should teach this to all school children”
  • “Maybe provide more questions”
  • No suggestions – I think Tom done good!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing; absolutely brilliant!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “A little less nervous at the beginning – no need for nerves!; a good and natural Instructor”
  • “Get the message out so more people know these courses are on; they are fantastic!”
  • “Excellent presentation but seemed a bit nervous; sure will improve with practice”



Question Any additional comments?


  • “Thanks!”
  • “None”
  • “None”
  • “None, except to say thank you!”
  • “Thanks for giving up all you time for a great course”
  • “Thank you – very useful!”
  • “I’ll recommend this course to everyone I know”
  • “Thank you!”
  • “Thank you!”
  • “Thank you for running the course, I have gone away from this much more confident”


Fantastic, positive audience feedback on our Heartstart Course, the Instructor and its content.  Many thanks to all the participants for their comments.

We look forward to many more Knutsford residents participating in our monthly Heartstart Courses

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Knutsford Community Paramedic Joins The Heartstart Team


Adrian Rees presents Carol Robertson with her Trust Badge & Shirt

Carol Robertson, North West Ambulance Service’s Community Paramedic for Knutsford completed her training to become a Knutsford Heartstart Facilitator at last weeks Heartstart Course and was presented with her KCFRT Name Badge and “Team Colours”

Since being posted to the Knutsford area by NWAS earlier this year, Carol has been an working tirelessly within the community.  On top of her “day job”, she has made time to attend and assist in our evening Heartstart Courses.

Adrian Rees, Chairman of KCFRT & Heartstart Co-ordinator, in presenting Carol with her award said that “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Carol to our Heartstart Team.  Carol is not only a fully trained Paramedic, she also has such an outgoing personality and great inter personal skills; perfect for her role at Heartstart

Carol is also planning to now become a British Heart Foundation Heartstart Instructor to enable us to undertake more Heartstart courses as the demand continues to grow”

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Knutsford Heartstart Trainer Wins National Lifesaver Award

Robbie Wolfson Aug 15



Robbie Wolfson, one of our Heartstart facilitators, has been given a prestigious national Lifesavers award
Robbie is one of only 6 throughout the UK who has been awarded the SAD UK (Sudden Adult Death Trust) National Lifesaver Defibrillator Award for 2015

Ann Jolly (the Founder & President of SAD UK) writes: “Dear Robbie…..I am pleased to let you know that you were nominated for the SADS UK National Defibrillator Award. It was felt that the lifesaving action you took was quite outstanding and I am delighted to let you know that you have been awarded this honour.”

The presentation to Robbie and the 5 other will be taking place at the Royal College of Nursing, Cavendish Square, London on the 17th October 2015.

Robbie’s reaction to the award: “Whilst I recognise that I am to receive this Award I do want it to be recognised that the result was due to the Heartstart training I receive annually at Knutsford Community Heartstart. My message is to tell all the participants at our Heartstart Courses that they will never know when their help could be needed, but the knowledge you receive on the course, plus the confidence to act on it is always there to help save someone’s life. Nothing can be more worthwhile than that.”

Adrian Rees, Chairman of KCFRT and Knutsford Heartstart Organiser, said: “Clearly, Knutsford Community First Responder Trust is so proud for Robbie himself, but also for the national recognition of the critical importance of receiveing training in life saving skills we provide at Knutsors Community Heartstart”

Rachel Howarth, a Knutsford Guardian Reporter, attended last weeks Heartstart Course – details on this + Robbie’s story is published in this week’s edition of the Knutsford Guardian.

Follow the link:


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July Recruitment Event


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